Panoramic Photo

Panoramic Photography

We can capture the mood of the environment with a panoramic image much better as with a simple photo, as we can represent the reality by a larger slice in an exciting perspective.  


With panoramic images people can look around in places where they couldn’t physically while sitting in front of the computer.


The aerial panoramic photos offers even more, they can look around from a virtual look-out.

For example, a picture from a popular look-out tower can’t only show the panorama but the look-out tower itself as well. 


Panoramic photography is much more complicated than the aerial photography.

From the drone standing (hovering) in one place, high dynamic range (HDR) photos are made in round format.


Processing and post-production of the images takes usually 1-2 days. 


  • Tourism
  • Real estate development
  • Country planning
  • Promotion
  • Visualization


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