Aerial Photo

Aerial photo

The aerial photography is an unusual and powerful perspective. It shows the scenery, cities and structures as rarely seen – in its full dimension.


In contrast to the traditional aircrafts the drone can take off anywhere, on a busy city street or even inside a building. The eight-armed drone is capable of hovering, therefore the photos can be made in a standstill position.


Thanks to its good maneuverability it can get close to objects, for example statues and towers.

Every member of the staff can be in the field and work until they reach the desired outcome.  


Any professional camera can be mounted on our drone.

The installation is simple. The main frame can be fixed with a foot stand screw to the camera platform. The camera has two cables connected to the board: a HDMI and a remote control.


The drone transmits on 5.8 GHz HD 1920*1080 resolution live video feed. The composition is done by the pilot and the operator working together. The maximum range of the transmitter systems is arund 1000 m, but for safety reasons we try to stay within smaller radius.


  • Real estate development
  • Event photography
  • Agriculture
  • Press photography
  • Cartography
  • Real estate photography
  • Advertising
Canon 1DX Mark II

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