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Where is SkyViewAir located?
We are located in Budapest. The capital city of Hungary. We like and we can travel all over the world!
How long is the flight time of the SVA-X8?
There are many variables that affect flight time. SkyViewAir is equipped with multiple batteries and an advanced field charging station. Downtime for charging batteries is almost non-existent. 
What is the maximum range from the operator to the multi-rotor?
It's further than we'd like to test. SkyViewAir keeps our copter within 300m of the operator. With our array of zoom lenses, we can compose shots that meet the needs of any director of photography.
I know there's a pilot, but what is the other guy with the remote doing?
Our Octocopter has a 360-degree camera gimbal. We have a camera operator controlling pitch, rotation and tilt. Thanks to our two-man system, we can track an object much easier than a single pilot who rotates the camera with the copter itself. Ease of use means better cinematography.
Who built the SVA-X8?
SkyViewAir constructed our own SVA-X8.  The frame was custom made to us, and from there it was endless soldering, wiring and screw tightening. Thanks to our exhaustive efforts to get the copter constructed, we know our multi-rotor inside and out. Should any problems arise in the field, we can resolve issues quickly.
What are the advantages of the multi-rotor opposed to a real helicopter?
Our multi-rotor can go where a full size helicopter cannot. We create dynamic shots by placing the SVA-X8 right in the middle of the action. Remote operated helicopters are not a replacement for full size helicopters. We provide the "detail shots" a real helicopter can't get.
Can the SVA-X8 fly indoors?
Yes. The SVA-X8 offers excellent stability. Given the right amount of space, we can fly indoors.
Is it safe?
SkyViewAir takes safety seriously. We have multiple procedures in place to prevent accidents. Our copter was built with fail-safes and we are fully insured.


Does SkyViewAir offer more than aerial cinematography and still photography?
Yes. SkyViewAir founders were television editors in their previous day jobs. We offer full service video production, including editing, color grading, sound design and audio mixing. 
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T: +36 30 510 92 97
Facebook: skyviewair
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